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Within the Mesa County Communications Officers’ Association, there are several subcommittees that members can be involved in. These subcommittees meet outside of the association's regular monthly meetings and work towards achieving a facet of the association's mission. Subcommittees are a great way for members to get more involved in the association and provide the opportunity to work alongside other MCCOA members.   

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Annual Retreat & Training Committee

This committee meets monthly throughout the year to establish plans for development and execution of MCCOA’s Annual Retreat event as well as creating and coordinating opportunities for MCCOA members to come together for training and professional growth throughout the year. This committee provides current MCCOA members a chance for continued education opportunities through outside speakers, presentations, and hands-on/engagement activities.

Retreat & Training

JIC (Joint Information Center) Committee

The Joint Information System is a function of Incident Command Structure (ICS), the formal coordination of emergency response for temporary incidents. When ICS is established in Mesa County to manage an incident, it is usually either a large-scale incident and/or it involves multiple emergency responders/agencies.

The JIC is the actual location where the JIS is set up to manage the communication of the incident. The JIC is often on scene and can be established where necessary by the JIC members and Incident Command.

JIC members are made up of MCCOA members who primarily are employed by emergency response agencies, government, public health and hospital, utilities, public education, transportation facilities, and others. In addition, depending on the depth and scale of an incident, JIC members may use additional MCCOA members as needed.


Media Council

This committee was formed with the hope of bridging the gaps between our local media and our association in the Grand Valley. Our media market is often referred to as a "training market" and while this committee is new, the vision is to find new and progressive ways to connect, recognize, and educate media professionals – especially those who are active at public safety, utility, hospital, and federal land incidents.


The committee is also responsible for upkeep of the MCCOA and JIC website.

Media Council


This committee was formed in the interest of amending membership guidelines and the application process. The committee meets when communication professionals express interest in joining MCCOA, to review the application and candidate. 

Membership Committee
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